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An entry for the Super Love Jam - A 48 hour challenge

ABOUT: The Roots Betwixt is about the connections made in life demonstrated through nature. Go on a journey to discover....and make a choice.

NOTE: The versions posted here are the refined game that was done after the challenge. The old version had bugs that made some endings not appear. The new version also has cutscenes now. This is the only and last update. There are two versions: RTP included and a lightweight one for those who already have the RTP for RPG Maker Ace.

New version includes:

-Evolution mechanic

-New cutscenes

-New area

-New music

-New dialogue

Art, programming and spearheading of project: Emily Lampson

Written by: Holly McCrea

Music: Scott F. Thompson

Ace Core Script by Yanfly

Map screenshot script by HimeWorks

Install instructions

May need to make an exception in anti-virus because it is made with rpg maker and some anti-viruses don't like it. Otherwise, click, install and play!


The Roots Betwixt.exe 201 MB
The Roots Betwixtnortp.exe 14 MB

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